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Debbie L.


Member Since March 2004

My Story
With the help of Curves, I've not only survived an unpleasant divorce and a series of major health issues, but I've found the power to amaze myself! I've gone from a size 22/24 to a size 10. I've actually lost 100 pounds since my highest weight in 2003, and have gone from OBESE to NORMAL. I'm wearing a size I haven't worn since I was a teen! I've learned to love exercise, particularly the Curves workout, and realize now that I AM WORTH IT. I continue to be amazed at the changes it has made in my body and my mind, and look forward to doing more and more things that I never dreamed I could do.
*I LOVE the ladies at the Ignacio Curves!*

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Cheryl S. Posted 07:45 06/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You get my vote Baby! You amaze me and are an inspiration to so many! "
Connie R. Posted 12:56 06/12/2009 - flag as inappropriate
Connie R. Posted 02:59 06/15/2009 - flag as inappropriate
""Your one amazing lady" We love you!from, Ria,Connie and Foxi"
Sheila D. Posted 08:49 07/9/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"I've watched Debbies transformation, and I really think if it werent for her curves support team she wouldnt be where she is today, she looks forward to going everyday!"
Linda D. Posted 11:55 07/9/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Wow Debbie, I\'m so proud of you. Keep up the great work."
Cheryl S. Posted 10:34 07/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Deb, you have always been my hero and will continue to be. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. I'm very proud of you!"
Monique R. Posted 03:41 07/16/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You have my vote! Way to go Deb!"
Eva D. Posted 08:21 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look fabulous! You are truly amazing!!!!"
. Posted 07:11 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
Esme N. Posted 06:23 11/13/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Please tell me how long it took you to shed off the weight and what did you normally ate, woman im size 46 and i just joined curves"