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Genevieve R.


Member Since March 2009

My Story
I am nominating my daughter Genevieve Rigler as the most amazing member of curves because of her spirit and enthusiasim for health and wellness, and she's only 14 years old. We joined as a mother and daughter team and because her high school is right across the street from Curves, she wanted to exercise before school. Well this was quite a challenge since we do our morning daily devotions together also. I told her we would have to get up at 5 am in order to do this. I do not do anything until I spend time with the Lord and she decided she wanted to do the same. I make accomodations in my schedule to put Him first and so does she. Having a demanding school schedule, Genevieve was able to manage her time and social calendar(she really had to eliminated much of the social stuff) to get to bed early and maintain her high grades, all because she wanted to work out at Curves and felt the benefits right away. She would shower at the club, then meet her friends at the coffee shop downstairs and glow with genuine contentment having worked out first and know she would have an amazing day. The mental clarity and energy she attained from her workouts kept getting stronger and stonger and people noticed ! She would tell everyone it was from Curves and they should try it too! She had a handful of students join in the first few months. As a matter of fact, she signed up one of her friends and Mom and now they love it. I spoke to the Mom too and said what a great way to bond with your teen. Not much of that happening today !
When we are at the club, Genevieve's smile and kookiness makes everyone laugh and she is such a great conversationalist that she just encourages everyone she speaks to. As a matter of fact, Karin, the owner wanted to hire her, because she looks so mature and thought she was old enough. I had to remind her that she is just 14 years old. She told Genevieve that when she turns 16, she has a job waiting for her. Now that's quite a reccomendation from a women who has seen many people over the years.
As the winner of the $1000 award, Genevieve would use it for her trip to Honduras next year that she would be going with her High School Scuba Club. Yes, she just recieved her PADI liscense this May and now can scuba as another acomplishment she has attained in such a young lifetime.

As her Mom, she keeps me going to Curves too. As much as I love it, I do find it difficult to keep to the schedule, but not with her. I enjoy every moment I have with her and have even given up my Tai Chi to do this instead. I never thought that would happen but the benefits of Curves definately outweighs my other routine and I look forward to meeting the great staff there everytime I come in. They really love what they do too and make it such an enjoyable place to be. I haven't stopped talking about it and now friends from other states are looking into joining too. Like Genevieve and I say "We are CurvesCrazy!"

So please choose my daughter, Genevieve, she is much deserving of this great reward.

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Beverly R. Posted 10:50 07/13/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Hey Sweetheart, you are the best and I hope you win! Love Mom"
Mark W. Posted 06:40 07/13/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"I know this girl personaly and she is the most drivin and nice person you will ever meet. And she is only hear to expand herself and help others."