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Donna J.

Libertyville, Illinois, IL
Libertyville, IL Club
Member Since August 2002

My Story

We all have heroes. They are people who come into our lives when we need them most. They may look like you or me, but somehow they bring us strength when we need it, or they help us find something in ourselves that we didnt know was there. For me that person is Joan Webster, my Curves Buddy.
Seventy-nine year old Joan is not the physical prototype of a hero with her thin, brown hair hanging straight down in a pageboy style and her wire-rimmed glasses firmly placed on her nose. Not long ago at 5' 4" tall Joan was quite round, but her transformation has been an inspiration to behold.
Joan joined Curves in 2002 at seventy-two years of age and has more than 1000 workouts to her credit. When asked why she joined, her response is, Because I tried every other alternative, grasping at every diet book that came along. I was looking for that magic cure.
Joan sat down with me after our Saturday morning Curves date and let me ask her some questions. When asked what Curves has done for her, and what is the best thing about being a member, she replied, "Curves put an order in my life that Id never had before. Id always hated being fat and believing that I could never really do anything about it." She needed to find some form of exercise to help her maintain healthier blood sugar levels. It needed to be easy enough and readily available to her on a daily basis. "Curves has given me a sense of purpose, a sense that I can be in control of how I treat my body," Joan added.
"When I stay faithful to Curves and my eating program I feel so much better. I feel better now than I did ten years ago. It's what gets me out the door to exercise six days a week. My self-esteem has grown so much in the last five years. The Girlfriend Factor has definitely influenced my consistent Curves record. It's so much easier to meet at Curves when you have a Workout Buddy, and I've made many workout friends."
Joan is a true-blue Workout Buddy herself. She has always been there for me and other friends. She usually meets these friends at Curves at 10:00 am. It's their preferred time and they have a support group in place for that time. I cannot workout until after work, about 4:00 pm. However, when my motivation is low, I can always call Joan, and she will meet me at Curves at 4:00. Knowing she will be there makes it so much easier to go to work out after my workday. She blesses me.
Joan said, "I think, at this point, it would be devastating to me if I couldn't be part of Curves. It has become so much a part of my lifeso important. I love that all the
women there are so diverse. We all have our own reasons for coming to work out, yet we're all striving for this common goal."
Joan would tell you that at her age the scale doesn't budge very easily, but she has managed to completely reshape her body. And beyond that, Joan has reshaped her life and the lives of those around her. We are better because she is our tenacious, curvaceous hero!


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