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Diane C.


Member Since September 2008

My Story
My name is Diane and I have been overweight most of my life. I have tried many different weight loss programs. I would lose the weight on most of them, but it would always come back. I joined Curves because I kept hearing over and over again that the key to losing weight, maintaining good health and keeping fit is by eating right and exercising daily, so I decided to do both! I cut down on my portions, began eating a lot healthier, started going to Curves and walking five days per week. I also started drinking eight glasses of water per day and taking a multivitamin.
I have been shedding the pounds for almost eight months now. I have so much energy and feel so good about myself, not only because I lost over 60 lbs and 44 inches, but because I am more active with my family and friends. When I was overweight I never wanted to go out because I did not like the way I looked or felt. I have more confidence in myself now and the support from friends and family has been amazing!
I especially would like to mention the great support I get from the staff at Curves. They make you feel welcome and are always friendly.
I have about 15 lbs to go and I know I will get there! I will be a member of Curves for life!

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Christina C. Posted 11:40 06/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"That is a great story, wow you look great...you have my vote!!!!"
Ida R. Posted 11:46 06/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Beautiful story,You look awesome my vote for sure !!"
Christine R. Posted 12:02 06/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"you of course have my vote!!! you have done such an amazing job"
Eunice T. Posted 01:07 06/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"you have done so well very strong lady . all the best to you you deserve it"
Melissa C. Posted 04:41 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Way to go Diane, you are an inspiration to many..... Good Luck !!"
Terry W. Posted 06:30 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Awww, Diane, made me all teary. We are all proud of you! You've got my vote...naturally! "
Michelle C. Posted 06:31 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"It's an amazing story.Way to go Diane. Good luck!!!"
Doris C. Posted 12:28 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"you diffenitly got my vote,and so deserving, way to go girl"
Stella C. Posted 04:54 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"what a great storey. you look great."
Stacy P. Posted 05:14 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Diane, you show that hard work and determination pays off!! Congrats, you look fabulous! My vote is with you !"
Colleen R. Posted 07:58 07/2/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Diane I remember when i first meet with you in your home town, of course we had chatted on line in chat rooms. I remember how outgoing you were that night and seemed to have alot of energy then so i can only imagine how you feel now. maybe some day i will follow you and shed the pounds and get some of your energy cuz you must have loads of it now hahaha! anyways good luck in the contest and i hope you gets lots of votes you so very much deserve it keep smiling and never change you are a wonderful person and be proud you did chicky! colleen/miramichi nb"
Murielle . Posted 04:25 07/3/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look great Diane! I am very happy for you. Keep up the good work and the last 15 will come off soon!"
Diane C. Posted 07:28 07/3/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thanks for all the great comments everyone! xox"
Tracey D. Posted 09:04 07/3/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You are an inspiration Diane. You look beautiful, and I am so happy that you have more energy to spend on your wonderful family. I know you will reach your goal!!!"
Diane S. Posted 03:37 07/5/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"WOW Lady! That's sooo awesome! What an excellent job you have done! You DEFINITELY have my vote without a doubt! Wow. U truly are ain inspiration .. definitely 2 me as well. Keep it up you look amazing!"
Melissa C. Posted 06:12 07/6/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look amazing Diane! You got my vote for sure! "
Pauline M. Posted 04:02 07/6/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"That's a beautiful story. Keep up the good work girl. I know Curves works cause I'm a curve attic too. Love my curves."
Melanie M. Posted 09:13 07/7/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Your looking awesome and very happy for you !"
Lise G. Posted 08:06 07/7/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"very very proud of you Diane."
Donna C. Posted 11:37 07/8/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Great Job! ! Keep it up. I'm down to 155 lbs and feel great too........ "
Diane C. Posted 09:28 07/8/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thanks everyone!!! xoxoxox"
Michelle A. Posted 04:09 07/9/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You are hot stuff diane you got my vote"
Carol G. Posted 08:35 07/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"great going!"
Carol W. Posted 08:35 07/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Way to go Diane!! You are a real inspiration! I know I can do it too."
Kerry Anne B. Posted 08:32 07/10/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Just wanted to say you are looking great Diane, and keep up the good work, you got my vote."
CAROL G. Posted 10:24 07/11/2009 - flag as inappropriate
Diane C. Posted 11:24 07/11/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thank you everyone, for all your support!"
Chantal R. Posted 04:15 07/11/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Wow Diane, you are an amazing women. I love your story. Great results, you look awesome, WOW!!!!!!!! You deserve the best!!! You are a winner!!! "
Dell T. Posted 08:28 07/11/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Diane, with your commitment your 15 pounds are as good as off, Your truly an inspirtation. Keep up the good work amazing lady. You definitely have my vote."
Gil D. Posted 09:57 07/12/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"very good diane you are looking very good and sexy lol"
Jaylene J. Posted 03:50 07/12/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look amazing Diane! You should be so proud of yourself, your an inspiration to us all. You have my vote for sure!!"
Sylvie P. Posted 05:34 07/12/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Great Job Diane! XOX "
Carol G. Posted 07:11 07/12/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"good luck"
Melanie B. Posted 12:31 07/13/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look great....you have my vote!!"
Shirley T. Posted 02:45 07/13/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You did the work and you deserve the good results. You are an inspiration. You have my vote. "
Melanie M. Posted 05:37 07/14/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Goood Job !"
Diane . Posted 09:09 07/14/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"finally got through, go girl& good luck"
Viola C. Posted 09:14 07/14/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"looking good,keep up the good work,"
Doris C. Posted 04:19 07/14/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"I think Diane looks amazing and so deserving for all the hard work she did to get where she is today"
Dianne E. Posted 07:45 07/14/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"amazing story and life style change--you are an inspiration to many!!"
Diane L. Posted 12:10 07/16/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Great job Diane. So proud of you girl. Love you lots "
Susan M. Posted 01:58 07/16/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Inspiring! "
Doris C. Posted 02:00 07/17/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"you go girl!!!!!"
Doris C. Posted 02:01 07/17/2009 - flag as inappropriate
Lina C. Posted 08:58 07/17/2009 - flag as inappropriate
Tina M. Posted 07:05 07/19/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Wow! you did an amazing job! Keep up the good work... "
Krista K. Posted 03:02 07/19/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Diane, You look fabulous! Keep it up and you definitely have me vote!"
Diane C. Posted 07:58 07/20/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thank you to everyone for all the votes and the wonderful comments! xo"
Melissa M. Posted 09:12 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look great Diane, we are all so proud of you!!!! Xox"
Charmaine M. Posted 05:17 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"you go girl"
Eileen F. Posted 05:27 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You look amazing!!"
Holly K. Posted 09:41 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Diane you have come a long way !!!! you look amzing, and it takes alot of courage and inner strength to get as far as you did! Congratulations and keep your chin up.....remember if all else fails that you will always have the support, and your new learned tools to overcome!!! xo"
Diane C. Posted 10:57 07/21/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thank you, everyone!!! xox"
Mel M. Posted 05:47 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
SALLY G. Posted 07:05 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Hi there DIANE, i know how you feel about loosing and gaining it back. That's what i'm into right now but i'm trying to loose myself. It's going pretty good so far. But your story is amazing to read and it gives me hope to loose too, so GOOD LUCK and keep up the great work your doing and we hope you win that contest. TAKE CARE!!!!!"
Melanie M. Posted 08:47 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Woot Woot !"
Ingrid B. Posted 09:54 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You rock. I'm so proud of you. See you at curves. Thanks for sharing your story."
Suzanne S. Posted 09:59 07/22/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"You are doing such a great job!! Keep up the work !! You are looking so sharp, too!!!"
Denise R. Posted 10:31 09/30/2009 - flag as inappropriate
"Thank you for sharing this with us. You look years younger! You have my vote."